If you Google the phrase “old enough to be president” I am still dominating the search results 2 years later. 


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"Sometimes I feel like no-one even notices that I’m here."

An obscure post-show moment when I was hugged by a stranger and thought I was being assaulted and no one noticed.

Later that week, I was attacked online for being “anti-hug.” It was a brief scandal in a campaign filled with missteps that ultimately led to me not being elected President.

Today I met Future President Hillary Clinton and I shook her hand and told her “hey, I know it’s hard running for President.” 

She laughed, heartily, and for a brief moment, we were just two Presidential candidates, standing there on a stage together. Perhaps we didn’t make History today, but it was close enough.

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"I keep getting hit by these balloons."
"That’s OK, man! People are doing that on purpose."

Moments from American History.

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I have to admit: today is one holiday that kind of hurts me.



We’ve got a huge announcement tonight on The Chris Gethard Show - and we want all of you who have supported us for so long to be there with us for it. Watch it live, and let’s get the attention of everyone who has ever been behind our goofy little exploits to watch as well. 

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The Chris Gethard Show has given me two really important things:

  1. A small degree of self-confidence.
  2. Connor Ratliff.

Pumpkin hands: one of the greatest moments in the history of television.


I can’t help but think that THIS is the moment when I lost the election.

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Jackie and I ran into Larry Hankin (former Connor Ratliff presidential running mate) in Venice Beach today. I decided not to aggressively question him about his campaign’s FEC violations. Instead we talked about improv and his time at Second City and The Committee and studying with Viola Spolin and Del Close. He still sees a lot of improv and he said the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre is doing by far “the best” improv in the country right now. LA is a place of wonders, guys.


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A clip from The Chris Gethard Show - 12 Hour Election Special! Watch the events that were deemed as Connor Ratliff’s own Watergate. Add in a controversial topic of Random Orlando, and some split screen love making, and you get some unforgettable laughter that can only be described as awesome.

Will be slowly adding more here and there. Trying to get one hour worth of clips from this special up onto YouTube.

A little bit of campaign history:

00:30: DISASTER! Random Orlando spills a huge glass of water which goes EVERYWHERE!

06:22: WATCH as Chris Gethard and I have an intense make-out session via the magic of split-screen technology!




Finally available! TCGS’s 12 Hours of Election Coverage!

Here it is in one big 12 hour chunk. If you didn’t see it live, here’s your chance to experience it. Get ready to watch some psyches break, weird deliveries, and the first appearance (and last, to date) of DON.

Enjoy this one. We’re really proud of it.

I’m so excited to watch this entire thing. I was in the 2nd studio doing a simultaneous broadcast for the first 10 hours of this, so I still have no idea what happened during most of this. (Hopefully the “Studio B” coverage from my “campaign headquarters” will someday be online for Historians to examine.)

Skip to the 41 minute mark to watch a pretty amazing split-screen makeout session between myself and Gethard.

Skip to the NINE HOURS AND 40 MINUTES mark to see me lose the election and have a complete on-air breakdown.

At ELEVEN HOURS and 21 MINUTES you can see a pretty amazing Dance Party Celebration!

At ELEVEN HOURS and 25 MINUTES I announce my plan to win at least one GOLD medal in the 2016 Summer Olympics!

The fact that this 12-hour broadcast and its simultaneous 10-hour sister broadcast occurred at all is amazing to me.

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We almost did it. Our internal polling showed us winning right up until the moment that something went wrong and I somehow did not get elected President.

I was fully hoping that tonight, I would be allowed to move in to the White House early so I could celebrate Christmas Eve there. That would’ve been a lot of fun. Instead, I am spending the holiday drinking egg nog and training for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Oh well.

Lots of people have come up to me recently and said things like “sorry about the election” or “sorry you didn’t win”. You guys don’t need to say that anymore. I’m really fine with it. This is America, where you can always give up on one failed thing and start a whole new one.

I went and saw the movie Lincoln the other night, and it made me sad to think that a future Steven Spielberg probably won’t get to make a movie like that about me being President. The movie showed Lincoln cracking wise, yelling at his wife and slapping his son, who later grows up to be a Looper.

Anyway: today I am releasing the last piece of archival footage from my 15-month Presidential campaign. It is the “uncut” footage from my July staff meeting with Will Hines, Noah Forman, Langan Kingsley, Kevin Hines, Nicole Drespel, Scott Holmes, and Random Orlando, captured on film by the great Keith Haskel. Some of this footage was featured in my full-length campaign documentary Old Enough To Be President, but most of it has never been seen before.

I hope that some of you who supported my bid for the Presidency will continue to follow me in my quest to win at least one GOLD medal in the 2016 Summer Olympics. I will have exciting news about this endeavor very soon.

I hope you and yours are enjoying a Happy and peaceful Holiday Season, wherever you are and whoever you voted for.

Olympically Yours,
Connor Ratliff
Former Presidential Candidate and Future Olympic Gold Medal Winner



When I was in my early twenties I had a plan: at 25—the constitutionally mandated minimum age—I was going to run for US Congress. But I got sidetracked when I decided to go back to school instead. By the time I got to 30, the age to serve in the senate, I had moved to New York and was busy living my life. According to the constitution one must be at least 35 years old to serve as president. Connor Ratliff has taken this to heart. He began his campaign for the presidency about a year and a half ago, when he was 35. He is now 37, still much closer to 35 than any of the other candidates. I too am 37, and would like to think that somewhere in an alternate universe I am the one running.


Amazingly, this is the first I am learning of this.

I am honored that this happened.

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Old Enough To Be President - A Film By Connor Ratliff

This week we are posting a very special documentary via the TCGS podcast, “Old Enough To Be President”. It’s a self-produced and directed chronicle by Connor Ratliff detailing his own presidential campaign. It’s hilarious, oddly poignant at times, and very genuinely well done. Connor just finished committing to a bit where he ran for president, and it lasted over fifteen months. Based on sheer endurance alone, I can say it’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever had the pleasure to help facilitate it. Please watch this one - I think you’ll enjoy it. And please do spread word that this exists. I think anyone who finds it will appreciate it.

- Geth

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(For future updates, please follow my new dream: RATLIFF 2016 GOLD!)



I announced my candidacy at the beginning of August, 2011. I was 35 Years Old.

Now, it is Election Day, 2012, and I am 37.

It’s been a long journey, and a great many (older) candidates have dropped out of the race over the past 15 months. But not me. I am still in this to win it, and I think today it’s finally going to happen. By the time I get back to my apartment tonight to update this tumblr, I will be The President-Elect Of The United States Of America.

The Chris Gethard Show will be broadcasting starting at NOON today, and will be on the air for 12 hours straight. If you go to you will be able to see that broadcast and also a live-stream direct from my campaign headquarters.

It promises to be an exciting day. I hope you vote, and I hope you will tune in to see what happens.