Episode Eight of our continuing series of “webisodes” about the people who work behind the scenes on the RATLIFF 35/2012 campaign focuses on scheduling coordinator Emily Axford.

Emily is a very busy person, which is the reason we hired her to be our scheduling & advance coordinator— busy people know about scheduling. Unfortunately, her own personal schedule has been so busy that she’s had very little time to work on the campaign.

On October 15, you can see the film OLD ENOUGH TO BE PRESIDENT: Connor Ratliff’s 35-Year Journey To The White House at 92YTribeca, and there will be a Q&A after the film where I will be answering questions along with most of my campaign staff. 

Emily is not in the film due to a series of scheduling conflicts which meant that she was never around when cameras were rolling. It’s possible that she may be at the screening to take part in the Q&A, unless something comes up and she can’t make it.

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ALSO: have you seen the Official Theatrical Trailer for the film?