Last month at UCBeast, an array of amazing people gathered together for a Historic, Game-Changing Concert/Campaign Rally for the RATLIFF 35/2012 campaign.

Chris Gethard, Noah Forman, Will Hines, Adam Conover, Langan Kingsley, Kevin Hines, Shaun Diston, Random Orlando, Phil Jackson, Don Fanelli, Ben Warheit, Bridgid Ryan, Michael Kayne, The Lisps, The LLC and Les Vinyl all stepped up to make this event by far the Most Significant Political Event To Be Held On The Lower East Side Of Manhattan That Night.

Big thanks go to Bethany Hall for managing this event and helping make it actually happen, and to Nate Dern for allowing it to happen at UCBeast. This was easily the most fun event of this entire campaign, and I’m forever grateful to everyone involved and to Keith Haskel and Tom Levin for filming it so that there is a record of how terrific everyone was.

(The online version of it is almost the entire concert— the only thing missing is when The Lisps performed an entire song in darkness, illuminated only by the light of people’s cell phones in the audience, which was an amazing experience but unfortunately just looked like weird darkness on the captured footage. I decided not to include that part, since it was truly a “You Had To Be There” kind of moment.)

People on the East Coast: I hope this is something fun to watch while we wait for the Hurricane to knock out the power and destroy us all.  

Everyone else: I hope you just enjoy it in some regular, non-Hurricane-related way.