connorratliff replied to your post: figured out who i’m voting for

One last plea for your vote, Hal. I’m 37 years old.

You have my promise that if you can get your name on to the ballot between now and tomorrow, I will vote for you.

If your name is not on the ballot, you have my promise that, while I am voting, I will whisper “Connor Ratliff is my president” out loud.


This is entirely reasonable, Hal, and I thank you for it. 

As much as it pains me to admit it, there are several members of my own campaign staff who have indicated a desire to vote for another candidate. (In fact, I would say it’s fair to say that most of them have expressed an outright intention to vote for someone else, but sometimes people say things in the heat of the moment, so I’m going to give them all the benefit of the doubt.)

MAKE NO MISTAKE: I think I am going to win tomorrow.

I’ve seen reports that the polls are skewed and that the media isn’t give us the full story and that no one really knows what’s going to happen. I still fully intend on winning this election. I’ve seen polls indicating Romney is ahead, polls showing Obama in the lead, and my own internal polls* show that I am up by anywhere from 5 to 20 percentage points, so who knows?

But if you ARE a person who is NOT going to vote for me, please: whisper “Connor Ratliff is my president” while you cast your vote. 

It would mean a lot to me.

Presidentially Yours,

Connor Ratliff (Age 37)

The Next President Of The United States Of America


*by internal polls, I am referring to my own personal emotions.

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