We almost did it. Our internal polling showed us winning right up until the moment that something went wrong and I somehow did not get elected President.

I was fully hoping that tonight, I would be allowed to move in to the White House early so I could celebrate Christmas Eve there. That would’ve been a lot of fun. Instead, I am spending the holiday drinking egg nog and training for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Oh well.

Lots of people have come up to me recently and said things like “sorry about the election” or “sorry you didn’t win”. You guys don’t need to say that anymore. I’m really fine with it. This is America, where you can always give up on one failed thing and start a whole new one.

I went and saw the movie Lincoln the other night, and it made me sad to think that a future Steven Spielberg probably won’t get to make a movie like that about me being President. The movie showed Lincoln cracking wise, yelling at his wife and slapping his son, who later grows up to be a Looper.

Anyway: today I am releasing the last piece of archival footage from my 15-month Presidential campaign. It is the “uncut” footage from my July staff meeting with Will Hines, Noah Forman, Langan Kingsley, Kevin Hines, Nicole Drespel, Scott Holmes, and Random Orlando, captured on film by the great Keith Haskel. Some of this footage was featured in my full-length campaign documentary Old Enough To Be President, but most of it has never been seen before.

I hope that some of you who supported my bid for the Presidency will continue to follow me in my quest to win at least one GOLD medal in the 2016 Summer Olympics. I will have exciting news about this endeavor very soon.

I hope you and yours are enjoying a Happy and peaceful Holiday Season, wherever you are and whoever you voted for.

Olympically Yours,
Connor Ratliff
Former Presidential Candidate and Future Olympic Gold Medal Winner

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