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: Tuesday 11/6 - All Day TCGS ELECTION COVERAGE!

From noon to midnight on Tuesday, November 6th, TCGS has been invited to provide all day election coverage on MNN 4. We have gleefully accepted this offer and look forward to providing you with what might not be the BEST, and definitely won’t be the most ACCURATE, but will absolutely be the…


…will absolutely be the best way to watch me become President.

Seriously, from NOON to MIDNIGHT on Tuesday, be sure to tune in to The Chris Gethard Show’s ELECTION DAY COVERAGE if you want to bear witness to HISTORY.

TCGS will be live-streaming for 12 hours straight. There will also be a simultaneous live-stream LIVE from RATLIFF 35/2012 Campaign Headquarters, and TCGS will occasionally be checking in with us to see the latest developments on our road to victory.

What other program can promise you 24 hours of Campaign Coverage in a mere 12 hours?

Here’s a few things that might happen at my campaign headquarters:

  • Poll Results and Electoral Math from Senior Pollster Will Hines and Deputy Pollster Adam Conover
  • Rapid Response and Analysis from Rapid Response Director Kevin Hines
  • Last-minute Speechwriting from Head Speechwriter Nicole Drespel
  • Press Secretary Langan Kingsley dealing with 11th hour campaign “messaging”
  • The debut of our Official Campaign “APP” from Head Of New Media Dru Johnston
  • Agnostic Prayer from Spiritual Advisor Shaun Diston
  • Journalists’ Roundtable with actual professional journalists Sal Gentile, Jon Bershad, James Ramsay and Samantha Pitchel
  • Gay & Latino reaching out from our Head of Gay & Latino Outreach Random Orlando
  • Balloons
  • A “November Surprise” that could be devastating to the Mitt Romney campaign
  • A musical performance by Casey Jost
  • And many, many more surprises

I hope you will spend Election Day with TCGS and RATLIFF 35/2012. This kind of thing can only happen once, because it’s unlikely that anyone will ever let us do this again.

Source: thechrisgethardshow


Episode Eight of our continuing series of “webisodes” about the people who work behind the scenes on the RATLIFF 35/2012 campaign focuses on scheduling coordinator Emily Axford.

Emily is a very busy person, which is the reason we hired her to be our scheduling & advance coordinator— busy people know about scheduling. Unfortunately, her own personal schedule has been so busy that she’s had very little time to work on the campaign.

On October 15, you can see the film OLD ENOUGH TO BE PRESIDENT: Connor Ratliff’s 35-Year Journey To The White House at 92YTribeca, and there will be a Q&A after the film where I will be answering questions along with most of my campaign staff. 

Emily is not in the film due to a series of scheduling conflicts which meant that she was never around when cameras were rolling. It’s possible that she may be at the screening to take part in the Q&A, unless something comes up and she can’t make it.

Previous episodes in the GET TO KNOW TEAM RATLIFF webseries: 

ALSO: have you seen the Official Theatrical Trailer for the film? 


Casey Jost is an awesome guy who wrote and recorded the anthem "BORN the right year TO RUN" for our campaign.

He is also part of the band Les Vinyl, and they have a terrific new album, thinkingoverthinking.

The cover art was designed by Maëlle Doliveux, who also designed the posters for my campaign, so really, buying this album is buying a piece of history.

Imagine if some really awesome band in the early 1950s had a record out and the main singer had recorded a campaign theme song for President Eisenhower and the album sleeve had been designed by the person who made posters to help Ike get elected. That album would be in a museum now.

Click the photo and you can listen to it and buy it if you like it. I predict you will.


Today we had a big important staff meeting with all hands on deck. We are only a few months away from the election, and I have assembled a crack team of professionals to help get the job done. 

PICTURED: Campaign Manager Noah Forman, Speechwriter Nichol Drespel (arm), Re-hired Pollster Will Hines, Presidential Candidate Connor Ratliff (Age 36), Security Director Scott Holmes, Rapid Response Director Kevin Hines and Press Secretary Langan Kingsley.

NOT PICTURED: Director of Gay & Latino Outreach Orlando “Random Orlando” Olier and documentary filmmaker Keith Haskel.



As you may know, I’ve been running for President for almost a year, and I’ve been doing it for no money and with no organized staff, while the other candidates— including all the losers who are already OUT of the race, as I predicted— wasted literally millions of dollars for no reason.

Well, it’s June now, and I have less than 6 months until Election Day, so I’m going to start adding some campaign staff, starting tomorrow. 


However, this is probably a good moment to thank some of the people who have helped my campaign so far:

CHRIS GETHARD: obviously, without Mr. Gethard and his public access talk show, I would probably have made zero appearances on television. Instead, I have made approximately dozens. I announced my candidacy on his show, which has since been praised by The New York Times. That puts me literally one degree away from being endorsed by The New York Times, which would obviously be a game changer. 

LARRY HANKIN: My Vice Presidential running mate, Mr. Hankin, has been nominated for an Academy Award®, and has appeared in such notable films and television shows as:  Friends, Breaking Bad, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Sarah Silverman Program, My Name Is Earl, Joan Of Arcadia, Monk, ER, Walker Texas Ranger, Party Of Five, The Tony Danza Show, Vegas Vacation, Home Improvement, Ellen, Star Trek: Voyager, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman, Billy Madison, It’s Pat, Step By Step, Married With Children, Mad About You, Seinfeld, L.A. Law, Home Alone, Pretty Woman, Matlock, Mr. Belvedere, She’s Having A Baby, Jake & The Fatman, Planes, Trains & Automobiles, ALF, Newhart, Hill Street Blues, The Sting II, WKRP In Cincinnati, The Jerk, Benson, Laverne & Shirley, and That Girl.

Top that, Joe Biden or whatever poor sap agrees to hang out with Mitt Romney. 

SCOTT HOLMES: I don’t want to say too much about Mr. Holmes, except that he is my personal security guard. You can see him in my televised debate with Jimmy McMillan, but most of the time you won’t see him at all, until you try to mess with me. Then you’ll see his boot on your neck, because you do NOT mess with me, you dig?

MAELLE DOLIVEUX: If you have seen my campaign posters or most of my campaign merchandise, you have seen the handiwork of Ms. Doliveux. She is a foreign-born artist, and I’m saying that and just getting it out there in the open so it doesn’t come out as some sort of big scandal I have to deal with later in the year.

CASEY JOST: He just wrote and recorded my new campaign anthem, "Born To Run For President." He keeps calling it “BORN the right year TO RUN” but it’s my campaign so I think I get to say what the song is called. The world premiere of this song happened midway through my game-changing WFMU interview last week.

CATHRYN MUDON: My personal stylist, Cathryn, is frequently absent before important campaign appearances and I have to do my hair myself. She then criticizes it, as if it wasn’t her fault that she was MIA. (There is almost no way I’m not firing her the SECOND I become President.)

MATT MAYER: When my running mate accidentally gave me the nickname “Connor Stillman” in his acceptance video, I called upon the talented Mr. Mayer to design a superhero alter ego called “STILLMAN” and he delivered this artwork less than 3 hours after I asked him to do it.

JON BERSHAD: This man deserves a Pulitzer for his early coverage of my campaign for the website Mediaite. Not part of my staff, obviously, he is a completely objective journalist in no way affiliated with the campaign.  In fact, he hasn’t written a story about me in many months, which probably means he is saving up for a big Jonathan Alter-style book to be published in early 2013, right?

DYNA MOE: In addition to providing the campaign with the limited edition batch of RATLIFF35/2012 buttons (sure to become “collector’s items”), Ms. Moe provided this piece of campaign-inspired art. Please purchase her Hipster Animals merch or hire her to do art for money.

WILL HINES: Mr. Hines works for the Carter-Hurst research firm and ran a focus group for my campaign. I’m mentioning him here purely out of courtesy because I was entirely dissatisfied with the work that he did (as documented in this short film by Lee Kazimir), which provided me with a bunch of ridiculous results that were totally useless to me. I will probably still hire him to work in my White House, however, as he seems smart and I will need a “numbers” guy to help sort out all the boring stuff.

There are many other people I should thank, but I’ll just go ahead and give them this generic thank you: “THANK YOU.”

I will be making a major staff announcement in the next 24 hours, as well announcing a big public campaign event in New York City this Sunday morning, June 24!

Mark your calendars!