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The Chris Gethard Show has given me two really important things:

  1. A small degree of self-confidence.
  2. Connor Ratliff.

Pumpkin hands: one of the greatest moments in the history of television.


I can’t help but think that THIS is the moment when I lost the election.

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A clip from The Chris Gethard Show - 12 Hour Election Special! Watch the events that were deemed as Connor Ratliff’s own Watergate. Add in a controversial topic of Random Orlando, and some split screen love making, and you get some unforgettable laughter that can only be described as awesome.

Will be slowly adding more here and there. Trying to get one hour worth of clips from this special up onto YouTube.

A little bit of campaign history:

00:30: DISASTER! Random Orlando spills a huge glass of water which goes EVERYWHERE!

06:22: WATCH as Chris Gethard and I have an intense make-out session via the magic of split-screen technology!


: Tuesday 11/6 - All Day TCGS ELECTION COVERAGE!

From noon to midnight on Tuesday, November 6th, TCGS has been invited to provide all day election coverage on MNN 4. We have gleefully accepted this offer and look forward to providing you with what might not be the BEST, and definitely won’t be the most ACCURATE, but will absolutely be the…


…will absolutely be the best way to watch me become President.

Seriously, from NOON to MIDNIGHT on Tuesday, be sure to tune in to The Chris Gethard Show’s ELECTION DAY COVERAGE if you want to bear witness to HISTORY.

TCGS will be live-streaming for 12 hours straight. There will also be a simultaneous live-stream LIVE from RATLIFF 35/2012 Campaign Headquarters, and TCGS will occasionally be checking in with us to see the latest developments on our road to victory.

What other program can promise you 24 hours of Campaign Coverage in a mere 12 hours?

Here’s a few things that might happen at my campaign headquarters:

  • Poll Results and Electoral Math from Senior Pollster Will Hines and Deputy Pollster Adam Conover
  • Rapid Response and Analysis from Rapid Response Director Kevin Hines
  • Last-minute Speechwriting from Head Speechwriter Nicole Drespel
  • Press Secretary Langan Kingsley dealing with 11th hour campaign “messaging”
  • The debut of our Official Campaign “APP” from Head Of New Media Dru Johnston
  • Agnostic Prayer from Spiritual Advisor Shaun Diston
  • Journalists’ Roundtable with actual professional journalists Sal Gentile, Jon Bershad, James Ramsay and Samantha Pitchel
  • Gay & Latino reaching out from our Head of Gay & Latino Outreach Random Orlando
  • Balloons
  • A “November Surprise” that could be devastating to the Mitt Romney campaign
  • A musical performance by Casey Jost
  • And many, many more surprises

I hope you will spend Election Day with TCGS and RATLIFF 35/2012. This kind of thing can only happen once, because it’s unlikely that anyone will ever let us do this again.

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